Thank you for your interest in our FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME basketball event. I am sure you’re probably wondering, “Why are you running a free event?” Well, it’s right in the name of the event… FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

Here at BOUND Sports we want to always find ways to give back to the game and to those that support our events. With that being said, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME is a completely free event for all participating teams.

April 8-10 For The Love of The Game featured 183 teams! Don’t miss out this year!

In order for us to be able to put on these events we do have a couple requirements in order to participate in the event:

  • All registered programs will be required to register online and submit a $75 fully refundable deposit.
  • Please book your hotels through our event booking links.
  • Your deposit will be refunded as long as you play all your scheduled games.
  • Your deposit will not be refunded if you forfeit any games.

Sponsored Event Rules

  • If you do register, and are unable to attend, please make sure to communicate with us prior to the posting of the schedule for the event to ensure to receive your deposit back.
  • Simply put, submit your registration, show up, compete, and your team registration is comped.

Event Dates

  • April 8-10, 2022 | Las Vegas Basketball Center
  • June 17-19, 2022 | Las Vegas Basketball Center
  • November 25-27, 2022 | Las Vegas Basketball Center

Hotel Stay and Play Information

Benefits of Stay and Play

  • Access to discounted room block rates
  • Best online room booking prices

Event Details

  • Teams will play 4-5 games
  • All games will consist of two 21 minute running halves.
  • Games will begin Friday at 5pm and conclude Sunday by 7pm.
  • Championship Awards
  • Boys and Girls Divisions
    • 17u-10u


  • Daily admission will be available at the door for $20 a day for adults and $10 for children.

If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot us an email, other wise register below.

Event Sponsors


We’re excited to have Clutch Clips back to bless our participants with the best media coverage during our For The Love of The Game event series. Clutch Clips will be covering each event and has put together an exciting Mixtape Package available for purchase.

Clutch Clips is a basketball content creation company. Clutch creates player highlight videos, program highlight video, and sports photography with excellent quality. Clutch “Exactly, what you want, exactly when you need it!”

Mixtape and Photo Package
Price: $ 175.00

Each event will only have 30 Mixtape Packages available for purchase so don’t wait! Reserve Now!

Reserve Mixtape


Next Play Academy is an interactive online youth mentorship academy specifically designed for student athletes. The goal of Next Play is to prepare young athletes to make the “next play” in the game of life, through fun and competitive workshops that build life skills, and incorporate learning in a way that makes sense to athletes. Next Play courses are delivered online, adhere to a weekly schedule, are accessible at any time, and will be guided by a Forbes Sports & Education mentor.

Next Play Academy consists of 3-4 core classes:
*Beyond Ballin’ (Grades 4-12)
*The College Cohort (Grades 9-12)
*Learning & Leading (Grades 4-12)
*Vision 2 Fruition (Grades 4-12)

Next Play Academy will be providing teams the opportunity to attend a 30 min FREE Seminar during the event.

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An idea was born; OOOFBALL. A weight training ball that is durable, easy to grip (Soft to engage core with each grip), bounces (Slams, dribbles) and floats. Offered in varying sizes and weights to accommodate grip size and ability. OOOFBALL is a solid medicine ball that bounces and floats that is not inflated or filled with sand! OOOFBALL is used by people of all ages and levels, from children to seniors. In addition, OOOFBALL customers are: US armed forces (Physical Fitness School) and military applications, Collegiate, High School, Elementary, Club physical fitness and sport teams, aerobic, yoga, meditation, cross-fit and cross-training specialist & coaches, Sports medicine specialists, injury prevention and muscle –specific rehabilitation programs, Chiropractors, and the everyday grandparent, mother, father, child, businessman and woman.
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The Ladies Ball Global Championship | Women's Basketball Hall of Fame

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