Thank you for your interest in our FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME basketball event. I am sure you’re probably wondering, “Why are you running a free event?” Well, it’s right in the name of the event… FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME.

Here at BOUND Sports we want to always find ways to give back to the game and to those that support our events. With that being said, FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME (June 18-20) will be our first ever event where all team registrations are covered by BOUND.

In order for us to be able to put on this event we do have a couple requirements in order to participate in the event:

  • All teams will be required to book a hotel through this link.
    • Most hotels are bookable through this link from ARIA to La Quinta
  • All registered programs will be required to place a card on file.
  • All programs are encouraged to participate in one of our other Las Vegas Bound Events:
    • July 2-4
    • July 9-12
    • August 20-22

Sponsored Event Rules

  • All teams are subject to a $300 fee per team if you register for the event and are a no show.
  • If you do register, and are unable to attend, please make sure to communicate with us prior to us posting the schedule on Jun 10th.
  • Simply put, submit your registration, show up, compete, and your team registration is comped.

Event Details

  • Teams will play 3-4 games
  • All games will consist of two 20 minute running halves.
  • Games will begin Friday at 2pm and conclude Sunday by 6pm.
  • Boys and Girls Divisions
    • 17u-10u
  • All games will be available through livestream and on demand.
  • CLUTCH CLIPS will be the official media partner for the event.

If you have any additional questions feel free to shoot us an email, other wise register below.